Recycler Pantamera renews partnership with DreamHack

[Press release] DreamHack, the premier gaming lifestyle festival, and Pantamera, one of Sweden’s leading recycling companies, have signed a one-year agreement for 2020. As part of the renewed partnership, the two organizations will collaborate with Samuel “SampeV2” Stronegger and Yacine Laghmari to create a new talk show format, which will be produced in the state-of-the-art DreamHack Studio in Stockholm.

A cross between traditional television and YouTube/Twitch, the new talk show will offer a personal and fun twist. A total of eight episodes will be released beginning on Tuesday, August 4 , and continuing through October 2020.. A complete schedule and panels will be announced soon.

“We are very excited for another year of partnership with Pantamera,” said DreamHack Co-CEO Roger Lodewick. “The new talk show will continue to grow our relationship with SampeV2 and Yacine, and will be another engaging way in which we can connect  to our fans.”

“Pantamera is thrilled to renew the partnership with DreamHack,” said Pantamera Strategic Marketing Manager Rickard Andersson. ”With this new format, we hope to bring even more value to all gamers while simultaneously reminding about the importance of recycling.”

[This press release has been edited.]

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