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Why recycle? (5 reasons you should)

Students with Recycling Container

There are lots of reasons why you, I and everybody else should recycle. Here are 5 really good reasons.

1. Recycling conserves natural resources

There is a limited amount of some natural resources. These non-renewable resources (or finite resources) like fossil fuels, metal ores and earth minerals will run out unless we recycle the materials (resources) we have already extracted from the earth. When we recycle, used materials are turned into new products. This reduces the need to extract fresh natural resources from the earth.

Renewable resources, like timber, should also be recycled since it saves on energy and emissions, see below.

2. Recycling saves energy

It takes a lot less energy to create new products from recycled goods than making them from raw materials from earth. For example, creating aluminium cans from recycled aluminium uses 95 percent less energy than making them from “scratch” by using bauxite.

3. Recycling helps protect the environment

If we recycle the need for extracting (mining, quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw materials is reduced. All of these create substantial air and water pollution, so by doing less of them we help the environment.

4. Not recycling creates more waste

If something isn’t recycled it often ends up in landfills (which pollutes water) or is incinerated (which creates air pollution). 

5. Recycling creates jobs

Recycling takes place industries called recycling plants. The more we recycle, the more recycling plants are needed. And people will be employed to work there.

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