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Recycling trade shows become digital

IFAT trade show entrance

In the wake of Corona/Covid-19 trade shows and conventions in the recycling sector are turning to virtual events to try capture people’s interest (and make some money).

The Corona virus has really changed the conditions for doing business. This is as true for the recycling industry as it is for all other industries. Recycling trade shows and conferences has taken a big hit and have had to cancel or postpone. For example IFAT 2020, planned to take place in Munich, Germany in May was first postponed to September but then cancelled all together.

Recycling going virtual

Another big show that had to rethink is WasteExpo, North America’s largest solid waste, recycling and organics industry event. It was first postponed and then revamped as a virtual event. It will take place 14-17 September online.

US magazine and show host Recycling Today already held one virtual trade show and sister publication Waste Today Magazine is already planning their second virtual event, scheduled for 6 August.

German publication EU-recycling is taking a similar route and launchin eRec – Recycling Expo and Conference for Circular Economy and Waste Management. It is planned to take place 31 August to 5 September. See the information video.

Yet another approach what Recycling International has done. They have created a specific area on their website which is called “Virtual trade show”. Here companies can showcase the recycling products and services.

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